Once upon a time, in 2000, two sisters were waiting for the apocalypse. When they both realized that it would never happen, they started thinking about what they could do. That was easy: they had always enjoyed theatre, clown and circus so they decided to create their own shows. That's how Aurora and Mar started working on Cia.Passerell and here we are, playing theatre as if we were little children.



Mar Basany

I was born early in the morning of a day in late September. I'm pointing this fact as an important one, because it will never happen again. When I was a little child I would have liked to become a writer but the first day I came out on the scene I realized that I was born to be right there. Many years later I started studying drama arts at Teatro estudio Víctor Hernando and after that I attended Ca' Foscari University in Venice to study “techniques of drama arts”. My sister liked circus so we started doing theatre-circus shows.

Aurora Basany

I was born in a marvellous spring day at noon. The truth is that I was very confortable inside my mom's belly, but there was a man dressed in white that wanted to get me outside right to start my life out there. I passed my childhood on the trees eating fruits as if I was a little monkey and I performed aerial gymnastics, as well. I started performing acrobatic and aerial skills at the age of 16. I studied circus at La Riereta and I attended fabric and handstand workshops at Rogelio Rivel circus school and, later on, acrobatics at Club Esportiu inefc Barcelona.

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